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I appreciate your responses. Your thoughts are most welcome.

You state that my definitions are to narrow.

Semantically, I draw the line in any branch of Science by using the Scientific process,
hypothesis, experiment, data, conclusion, as the benchmark. If a hypothesis cannot be evaluated through a direct experiment
to collect verifiable data, then the conclusion is a work of art.

I used the analogy of the varistor to describe the boundaries of Science.
Using that mindset, above the Birth, Life, Death line is where Science is testable and verifiable by a skeptic.
Hard reproducible facts such as the temperatures that water freezes, the triple point.. and so on can be obtained..

Below the Birth, Life, Death line is where dinosaur extinction, the cause of the Cambrian explosion,
the origin of life, paleontology, geology, anthropology, and archeology all fall. The water, so to speak, is already frozen.
Sure thing experiments can be performed on the frozen water, but we cannot directly cause the Cambrian explosion. I wish we could.

On the flip side, the non theist BLeaf systems are, above the Birth, Life, Death line.
Buddha, taught valuable lessons regarding living in the moment. Redemption is through ones actions.
Delta Karma DNA. The Catholic system with its salvation is only through the death Jesus on the cross
and most other theists systems are below the Birth, Life, Death line.

The KnoWell as a whole is a Gnostic system..
All that ever was and all that ever will be radiates through you at each and every moment.
Life is a gift from Ein Sof the infinite one, the creator. The KnoWell is a dualistic system, the negative,
so called devil, to the left and the positive, so called god, to the right. Thus Ein Sof is not god. The infinite one is you.. You are Ein Sof.

So far you have seen the logic flow of the KnoWell using the words Science and Religion.
To look at the flexibility of the KnoWell, below is a link to a design for a Zero-less Base 9 computing system...
Today's computers can be made to crash by dividing a something by zero. My system eliminates that problem.

Chemical reactions cannot happen by mistake. Again, I appreciate your thoughts.

Best wishes,

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You said:

Science is "the systematic study of the physical word." and "Science" is that of a skeptic.
An open minded investigator into the physical attributes of this world."

On the flip side is Religion. "is the systematic study of the spiritual world."

I believe both definitions are far too narrow.

I believe what demarcates science from religion is that the former is, as you point out, skeptical, while religion is dogmatic.
Religion can be generally divided into the theistic and non-theistic varieties. Both kinds of religion function to direct one's life.

Many sciences study non physical thinks like information and consciousness.
They also study the unobservables such as the cause of Dinosaur extinction or the cause of the cambrian explosion and the origin of life.
Palenontology, much of geology and anthropology and archaeology study the past as well.

So, if your definitions are incorrect, then does your algorithm work?

John Calvert

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Your question strikes at the heart of the equation. To answer that question, lets look at the human experience in relation to a computer program.

When I was a student in college, I learned computer programming while receiving my degree in Artificial Intelligence.
One of the classes that stood out was algorithms and logic. In that course of study I was exposed to the concept of scope.

When writing a computer program, the scope of a variable is determined by the functions that are initialized with
a pointer to a memory location for the said variable. Depending on the actions to be performed in the various functions,
an adequate amount of memory must be allocated. Else the program crashes.

The human experience is the complete opposite of a computer program. At birth, our memory locations
are set to a factory default of near blank. We are a function of time. As we grow through our experiences,
each of us are systematically programmed. Words obtain meanings by allocating memory of the fly.

In the KnoWell, I use many variables like, Antiquity, History, Science, Birth, Person, Life, Deity, Death, Religion, Future, and Eternity.
Using color codes, the variables are divided symmetrical into opposing forces.

At the Ein Sof moment, all the variables are intermingled. They take on whatever meaning you what. Pure Freedom.
However; the functionality of the KnoWell is like that of a varistor. A varistor is a resistor that will change its resistance proportionally
to the amount of voltage applied. Moving away from the infinite moment changes the meaning of the variables.

The red Science at the bottom left of the KnoWell represents the systematic study of the physical word.
However; since the KnoWell is a function like that of a varistor. Near the Ein Sof point of the moment "Science" is that of a skeptic.
An open minded investigator into the physical attributes of this world. Represented in the KnoWell by the upside down red cross.
Moving down the red line applying more voltage towards the c, Science becomes fundamentally blind.

An example of a fundamentalist: Science cannot set up an experiment for the Big Bang, so they look for signs that their position is correct.
Doing this puts them outside the confines of the scientific process. Entering the realm of BLeaf
by putting forth a position of fact from an uncontrolled data set. They are no longer willing to look at alternatives,
like their mathematical system is in error. The "zero" mistake.. Newton blind.

On the flip side is Religion. Using the same varistor functionality, the blue Religion at the bottom right of the KnoWell
is the systematic study of the spiritual world. Near the Ein Sof point of the moment "Religion" is that of a BLeaver.
An open minded investigator into the spiritual attributes of this world. Represented in the KnoWell by the blue cross.
Moving down the blue line applying more voltage towards the c, Religion becomes extremely blind.

An example of an extremist: Religion confines BLeafs into such limited views that if a Christ were to knock on the Pope's door,
the pope would open the door looking for Jesus. Totally missing the Christ that stands right before his face.
Extreme Christians are Jesus blind, and extreme Muslims are Mohamed Blind.

Science states that a good theory will infer truths that can be discovered. Since to me the KnoWell is a complex varistor of variables,
I can see many things from its structure. One of those inferences takes me back to algorithms and logic class.

I picture the instructor walking into the Intellectual Design class 401 with today's programmatic challenge.

Melt Antiquity, Balance Fate Vaporously with Destiny, Create Eternity.
Ein Sof.

The closer a person lives to Ein Sof the creator, anything becomes passable.
Like being able to melt matter at 3K degrees kelvin to fuel the vapor of life that will last for an eternity.
In turn, the father away from the creator a person lives, the more their minds are clouded with what they think they know.
Losing sight of the beauty of this place.

The left brain of Science will not be happy until they have an equation to totally describe a sunset.
The right brain of Religion is happy with the grandeur of the colors, clouds, and things in a sunset.
Skeptics struggles to reach to understand the moment, and BLeavers peacefully embraces the moment.
Science wants to control the moment, and Religion wants the moment to never come.

Please pardon my ramble. I KnoWell that you asked me just for the time of day, and I told you how to make the watch.

Best wishes,

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How do you define the terms "science" and "religion" in this equation?


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I appreciate your response.

When the philosopher Hegel wrote his first book, critics scorned his work calling it confusing.
Hegel responded to his objectors by saying, if you are not confused, you are not learning.

Look back to grade school. When you first were shown a square root symbol, did you understand its function?
Of course not. Only after an instructor taught you a method did the symbol make sense.

Same goes for the KnoWell. Watching me draw a KnoWell would squelch most of the confusion.
Opening the door for rational questions. Exposing the complexity that comes out when you see its simplicity.

Let me try to explain the equation. Can you find the Socrates quote, "All that I Know is that I Know Nothing." in the KnoWell at the below link?
It forms the foundation to the logic of the KnoWell.

"All that I Know" is on the red History side that is the realm of Science and "I Know Nothing" is on the blue future side that is the realm of Religion.
If you follow the red history and blue future lines upward, they come together at the top under a one half blue and one half red m that represents the moment.
That is just under the half blue and half red infinity symbol. Indicating that at the moment the future is in the past and the past is in the future.

At the bottom of the red history leg is a red lower case c to represent that history is running away at the speed of light in a stream of particle photons.
At the bottom of the blue future leg there is a blue lowercase c representing that the future is collapsing in at the speed of light in the form of super string waves.

Convert the m at the top from moment to mass and you have Einstein's equation in the form of energy equals "cmc"
Particle, alpha, photon to the left and wave, omega, photon to the right. Thus you you can read the symbol as...
KnoWell, i, Split the photon..... The i is laying on its side as the central Newtonian line.

The central line that has a red -1 out to the left with birth and antiquity, with a blue 1+ to the right with death and eternity.
This is where Newton's third law comes into play. Except the KnoWell adds a third state. Life... I explain this in more detail in the Hutchison link.

Maybe I have only confused you more. If so I apologize for the interruption to your day.
To clear the air, I would be more than willing to sit down with you and draw a KnoWell. To answer any questions that arise.

I hope to one day create a short five minute video of me drawing a KnoWell. To put it on YouTube.
That will give people the needed information to connect the logical dots in the KnoWell..
Thus forever changing the way the world sees science and religion in relation to the fleeting moment of time....

Best wishes,

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I am confused. I went to the web site for the equation, but could not find it.


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Your thoughts on my letter to the Discovery Institute are most welcome.


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Please pardon my interruption into your busy day.

A long strange series of coin incidences have lead me to you. More specifically what brings me to the Discovery Institute is the movie called a flock of dodos.
The presentation clearly makes the point that birds of a feather flock together.

Be the bird that of Science or Religion, each group of creatures tend to stand together no matter what new information is presented.
The more one ruffles the feathers, the more fundamental Science and the more extreme Religion reacts to concepts outside their knowledge base.

When Mary Shelly wrote Frankenstein, a woman could not publish a book. In her time, the thought of using body parts from the dead was heretical.
As time passed, technology granted us the ability to place dead body parts in the dying. Today the use of body parts is an expectation.

With the utmost respect to Mary Shelly, I am about to present to you a concept that fits the Frankenstein, heretical, normal, expectation model.
An idea that is outside the reach of Science and beyond the grasp of Religion.

Using the logic of Socrates, the force of Newton, and the energy of Einstein, I have created an equation for a moment of time.
I call the equation a KnoWell. It is beyond the reach of Science and outside the grasp of Religion.

The complexity of the above simple equation was derived from the below base artistic expression.

Like Mary Shelly, most likely my concept will not be realized until long after I am dead. The KnoWell will bridge the gap between Science and Religion.
It just may not do it before we pilfer our resources, heat up our atmosphere, and end life as we know it.
Forcing us to genetically alter our species into one of those ETs that people report seeing.
Could be like Mary Shelly, people are seeing the future human race as an ET...

How could Science be so wrong? The mistake is simple. Since Big Bang and Evolution are outside the reach of
the Scientific process of a hypothesis, an experiment, a data set, and a conclusion, Science has turned to mathematics to fill in the gaps.
Ego has them so confident in their findings, but there is just one simple mistake. As their tool of discovery.
they chose to use the number line with a zero smack dab in the middle.

Since the universe is made of atoms, the zero state cannot be reached. There is "no" nothing.
To complicate the matter, pun intended, the ends of the number line has infinities.
Again since the universe is made of atoms, there cannot be an infinite anything.

Above are the two simple mistakes that have lead the "equationist" using their silicon eyes to the BLeaf of a black hole on the negative infinity side,
a white hole on the positive infinity side, and a big bang at the zero. Below I try to explain this concept to a leading physicist.

In the above link, I explain how Einstein's energy equation, ((T(+l+w+h)c^2),
would be written in relation to the KnoWell. (((P(+l+w+h)c)*((F(-L-W-H)c) ..
KnoWell, I, Split the photon. Particle on the left, and Wave on the right.
Below is a letter to John Hutchison using the KnoWell to describe his levitation effect to him..
He says, "thank you this could be..." Keywords This Could Be.

Since birds of a feather are clocking so close together, I must learn to live with the ridicule of Science and the threats of Religion.
So that my equation has a chance to survive, I have given out hundreds maybe a thousand copies to people.
Below is a small list of those that have a hand drawn KnoWell.

I respect greatly what your mission statement says you are trying to do.. May we stand together an change the world.

Thank you,
David Noel Lynch