On August 28th 2006, we had a short telephone conversation regarding my use of meditation in the creation of over two terabytes of abstract artwork.
In our conversation, I mentioned the derivation of a symbol called the KnoWell that uses Socrates, Newton, and Einstein to define a moment.

I applaud the David Lynch Foundation for the work in teaching students how to clear their minds with meditation.
We as a nation face a tremendous problem educating our children.
Our school systems offer sub par wages attracting mid grade teachers that cannot keep up with the students that excel outside the curve.
We end up with the creative minds of today being placed on chemical restraints.
Thus artistic minds are being truncated by the very system claiming to educate them.

Enclosed is a letter to David Lynch describing how I stumbled in to the frame of mind that lead me to the symbol’s creation.
Included are five 13”x19” prints, and a few 8.5”x11” examples of my photography.
Three of the 13”x19” prints have a KnoWell symbol on the back giving information regarding the peace.

The 13”x19” Gold peace has a partial listing of the people that have been presented with the peace.
Some of the most notable quotes are listed below.

Stephen J. Cannell on 2006.9.13 said, “It is beautiful. What is it?”
David Chappelle on 2006.6.19 said, “Oh man. It is beautiful. What is it?”
Dale Chihuly on 2005.10.15 said, “It is beautiful.”
Lead singer of Shinedown on 2005.11.26 said, “It is amazing.”
Archbishop Donoghue on 2005.1.10 said, “Beautiful. What is it?”

In the confessional at Christ the King just before Archbishop Donoghue’s retirement mass, he was the first person to receive the Gold peace.
In response to his question, I said, “I documented an awakening.”

The 13”x19” Elohim peace has been given to very few people.
One 20”x30” peace that was on display was stolen.
Below is what a couple of owners have said regarding the peace.

The band Collective Soul on 2005.1.12 said, “Incredible. Are you on display anywhere?”
Brad Arnold of 3 Doors Down on 2005.10.17 said, “Your work is amazing.”

When Lincoln ordered Atlanta to be burnt in 1864, my family did not evacuate and lived through the real gone with the wind.
Patrick Lynch with father O’Riley of the Immaculate Conception negotiated the salvation of several churches from the torch.
The current Immaculate Conception Shrine rests on stones quarried and placed by my family on 1869.9.2.
Five years to the date that Atlanta fell to the Union Army.

Many times I have gone to that most historic church in Atlanta to clear my mind.
Thinking of what my family must have endured. I meditate and focus on the stones. Inspiration overwhelms me.
Embedded in my two terabytes of artwork, “Looms” a story that will redefine the very foundation of the entire Catholic Church.

David Noel Lynch