I appreciate you taking such good care of Berta today.
Warning the trainee about the door stressing her shoulder showed great compassion.
Your tremendous kind heart was glowing about you, and your smile warmed my day.
Thus illuminated by your kindred spirit, I was compelled to offer you a print.

Please pardon me if this email becomes long winded.
I have been told that when asked for the time, I will tell you how to make a watch.
You seem to have a real interest in art, so I hope you would like to know how my art came to be.

In essence my artwork emerged out of a long strange series of Coin Incidences.
The initial trigger was on April 1st 2003, when I became the official April's fool.
After helping a lady raise her five kids for 15 years, she left with my best friend from high school.

The first few days alone were like having your body sand papered and then given a iodine shower.
The following month was my 43rd birthday, and three of my step kids came over to take me out on the town.
Before we left, my step daughter leaned her shoulder to mine, I felt something different about her and I said, "What?"
She said, "You have always been that way grandpa." This was her first pregnancy, and Emily was born on my mom's birthday.
On that night there was a total eclipse of the moon. BTW: Aug 18th 2017 a total solar eclipse will pass over Clayton.

The following month on Father's Day 2013, I decided to drop in on my father.
After divorcing my mom, he disowned his children. To my surprise, he took me to the oldest cemetery in Atlanta.
My dad walked me up to a section with large monuments, he told me, "This is where your relatives are buried."
The plot was in decay. Some monuments leaning, and the main retaining wall failing. Graves going back to 1870s.

A couple days later, I walked into the sextant's office at Oakland Cemetery. Sam Reed asked how he could help me.
I said, "I am David Lynch, and I noticed that the retaining wall is failing in our plot."
Sam stood up and walked towards me saying, "You are a Lynch?" I figured that we must owe them money.
He reached out to shake my hand and said, "Did you know that your family is as close as this town gets to Irish royalty?"

Sam told me that during the American civil war Patrick Lynch negotiated the salvation of several churches.
He continued telling me that the oldest church in Atlanta rests to this day on stones quarried and placed by the Lynch family.
A few days later, I went to the Atlanta History Center, and found documentation proving what Sam was saying to be true.

I made another trip to my father's house. I asked him why he never told me about the Lynch heritage.
My father said, "I did not want it to go to your head." then his wife said, "Oh by the way, you cousin is Che Guevara."
She said, "His grand mother was a Lynch." I was shaking my head side to side in disbleaf. Thinking to my self. "No way."

On my way home, I stopped by Barnes and Noble to see if I could find some books on Che Guevara.
They had his Bolivian Diary, so I opened up the book to see what he wrote on my birthday May 16th.
As I was reading about how Che had a bad stomach illness, and they had to carry him like a baby, there was this picture on the opposite page.

When I focused on the picture, my mind skipped a few tracks. Took me a minute, then I slammed to book closed. Nearly dropped the book.
I said, "My GOD. That is me." Snap, Crackle, Pop. Below is a link to a Montaj that shows a photo of Che and to the side a photo of me.

The Montaj documents the artwork that I gave to Vicente Fox a X president of Mexico. The link is named Marta after his wife.
When Vicente looked at Che's photo in the book he said, "He looks just like you." then he signed his name under Che's photo.

Tick tock. Here I go again building a watch.

Back to the art. On Sept 16 2003, I was having a moment laying on the floor. The summer of strange coin incidences had taken their toll.
I reached out for my camera asking my son in law, Jeff, to take a picture of my, "I am having a moment here."
When I lifted the camera, the shutter when off leaving a blur of color from a blue rope light. Jeff said, "That is cool."
He took some pictures of me, and I looked at the blur of color and started making more blurs of color till my camera was full.
Below is a link to some of the first abstracts that I created from a rope light and a light bright.
Click on the below image to open the link to a small collection of some of my fist abstracts.

By the end of 2004, I could create an abstract photo from just about any light source.
Emotionally gripped by the creation of this new art form, I decided to take my work to some art galleries to see if I could sell my work.
I traveled to the third largest collection of art galleries in the world located in Lahina Hawaii, gallery after gallery after gallery.
Each one said that my artwork was beautiful, but they do not display photography. Gallery after gallery in Las Vegas. Same answer.

After going to more galleries than I can remember, and having more rejection that I care to remember, I started going to concerts.
I would wait behind the venue with artwork for the musicians, and I would have them sign one of my abstracts.
From their signatures and the ticket stub, I would created a Montaj documenting the event.
Below is a link to the Montaj that I created on my 50th birthday when I went to see the band Fuel.

In the Spring of 2007, I decided that I was going to head out to Hawaii and risk it all to become an artist.
I walked into the studio of Hans Godo Frabel to have my artist signature created in glass for my mother.
When the manager saw my signature he asked, "What is that?" I said, "My artist signature."
He said, "No what is your signature on?" I told him that it was an abstract of Dale Chihuly glass.
Below is a link to a collection of abstracts that I created from Dale Chihuly glass.

The manager asked if I could create some abstract from Frabel glass. I said sure.
Below is a link to a collection of abstracts created from Hans Godo Frabel glass.

After creating some abstracts, the manager asked if I would like to have a show of my art at the Frabel studio.
In the Fall of 2007, I had my one and only real showing of my work. Below are two links to the show flier.

I sold a couple pieces at the show.

In the Fall of 2010, I was sitting at the High Museum looking at a Salvador Dali exhibit. His artwork is humongous.
Then it hit me that I have enough art to cover the walls of the Atlanta High Museum.
I decided to build a computer model of the High. I started walking off the space writing down the dimension.
Before long a security guard walked over to ask me what I was doing. I told him, and he told me, "Wait right here."

I figured they were about to escort me out, but he came back with the dimensions and said, "good luck with your project."
Below is a link to a video that shows the evolution of my artwork as it would look to me hanging on the High's walls.


Below is a link to one of the walls in the High Museum model that has a collection of Montaj images created for some of the bands that inspired me.
Click on the smaller images to enlarge them.

Tick tock, I could go on and on telling you how I made the clock.

I hope that my words have not frayed you away.
Please do select one of the images for me to print as your gift.
If there are a few that you like, I would love to print them for you as well.
You are a wonderful person.

Best wishes,