From: David Lynch <dnl1960 at>
To: Halton Arp <arp at>
Sent: Sunday, April 14, 2013 5:50 PM
Subject: NGC 7603


As in your article "Research with Fred", I have been called crazy regarding my theory.

Over the past decade, my life has been centered around an equation that uses the energy of Einstein, the force of Newton,
and the logic of Socrates to describe a moment of time. I call this equation the KnoWell.

Over these past ten years, I have searched out real world examples that give credence to the Knowell,
and NGC 7603 may hold the needed evidence within the red shift.

The age of matter could be part of the explanation, but the position of matter could be more of a factor.
For example, the position of a distant star beside a closer massive star results in observed gravitational lensing.

Einstein clearly predicted the lensing behavior with his calculations, but is the mechanism behind the lensing effect actually gravity.
The KnoWell suggests that there is another explanation.

In the article, "Quantum Flip-Floppers", the duality of the photon is describe as being both particle and wave at the same time.

The left side of the KnoWell equation is matter in a particle state, and the right side of the KnoWell is pre-matter in a wave state.
In the below linked letter to Fay Dowker, I describe a system in which the pre-matter is in a state of collapse, and matter is in a state of expansion.

"On a cosmic scale this effect can been observed around galaxies in the form of what current theories postulate is evidence of Dark Matter.
As emerging particles from the central black hole radiate symmetrical emission lines, chaotic waves are aligned into harmonics.
As more and more emerging particle’s radiate lines of symmetry, more and more chaotic waves stack up on top of each other creating compression zones.

These compression zones are evident in the star light bending around massive objects.
The more massive the object, the more wave energy collapsing in from outer space.
Thus the more the star light bends. The compression of outer space trying to reach inner space, causes gravity to warp the space time continuum."

Using the KnoWell, NGC 7603 is exhibiting how outer space is collapsing inward causing the variance in redshift.
The companion to NGC 7603 could be in a slightly more distant position,
and the collapse of space into NGC 7603 is causing the light from the companion to be stretched causing the accelerated red shift.

Many times I have wondered what Fred Hoyle would have said regarding the KnoWell.
Would he have called me crazy, or would he have recognized a solution to the red shift problem that gave rise to the Big Bang Theory?

As Fred turned and walked away from you without saying a word, I understand why most people never respond to me.
In a way, I take their silence as a compliment.

David Noel Lynch