On 19 Jun 1977, I was involved in a serious auto accident leaving me with the memory of being dead.

For twenty six years, I was at peace with the memory of that night.
On 1 Apr 2003, my fifteen year relationship failed in a matter of months. From that emotional turmoil,
I began to look at the memory of my car wreck in a new light.

On 16 Sept 2003, I stumbled into abstract photography.
Over the next year, I created over 20,000 abstract images. 
As my computer Science training began to creep back into my mindset,
I began to work my thoughts out by writing on top of the abstract images.

In November of 2004, my artwork took on a new dimension.
I began reflecting the abstract photographs in four directions creating background for me to write out my thoughts.
I called the form of expression Montaj.

While using the Montaj format, I began working on the question,
“How could I have been in a spirit state observing the physical world.”
My scientific training did not allow me to see an answer.
I was blinded by the most basic concept 0.0 Below is a link to the Montaj that I used to work out my equation.


Since the Universe is made of atoms, “No Thing” in the Universe can be nothing.
Suddenly, I realized that zero point zero is a mistake, so I replaced 0.0 with infinity.
In my number line there is an incredibly small infinity between the negative and positive.

This model allows me to see how wave energy and particle energy interact at each and every moment.
The wave energy is in a state of collapse, and the particle energy is in a state of expansion.
Imagine for a moment that outer space is in a state of pure chaos, and that inner space is in a state of absolute control.
Below is a letter to Fay Dowker that uses M Theory to describe this model space.

I have searched for others that have found evidence of my thinking,
and below is a link to a letter to Rupert Sheldrake regarding my equation in relation to his Morphic Field theory.

Since art galleries want nothing to do with my artwork,
I created a 3D model of the Atlanta high museum, and I place my art on the virtual walls.
From the model, I created a video of a virtual walkthrough of the High with my art on their walls.

Best wishes,
David Noel Lynch