SOLAR TSUNAMI: When sunspot 930 exploded on Dec. 6th 2006,
producing an X6-category flare, it also created a tsunami-like shock wave that rolled across the face of the sun,
wiping out filaments and other structures in its path. An H-alpha telescope in New Mexico operated
by the National Solar Observatory (NSO) recorded the action:

KnoWell, I, Split the Photon.
N Las Vegas, 2 Bets, 2 Shows.
"O", 2007.7.7, Bellagio, A pair a dime.
"Le Reve", 2007.7.7, Wynn, A pair of dimes.

N a flash, the Impossable, the "HIM Ten".
Seven minutes past twelve, now lasts four ever,
Bellagio and Wynn, receive a message, a tube.

Written words asking for the delivery,
"To the room of David Lynch."

A 13'x19' KnoWell Montaj N side.
Will it be he or I?

Newton gave us intergrate,
A limits from, to, function.
Binary force, equals force, time.

Add 1 bit more definition.
Two becomes three,
universe ups one.

Making this the length, width, height.
Third world that we think we see..
Trinary is the moment about you.
The past emerges
The future colapses
Quad Train
Century VIII 38
Ville Valo Le Roy, Avignon
6.6.6 Mesa Amp Montaj gift

Bellagio bet two nickels, a pair a dime.
Wynn bet two dimes, a pair of dimes..
The bet was over before it was made.
Brad LeReve Terika 2005.10.17.

For my next magic trick.
This 1 shows people,
How 2 change the world,
Use two nickels, two dimes.
Wynn the Bellagio.

Reprograms the World, 2C, a new way.
KnoWell, I Am, 3K
Cline Venus Transit

Chappelle Atlanta Tabernacle
Robert Kirk Cline.

2008.8.8 Immaculate Conception Shrine
John Edward watches Lynch Squared
The frindge of Winter 2009.9.9

A Tone ment, Cline and Ennis 2010.10.10.