Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2007 01:27:32 -0700 (PDT)
From: "David Lynch" <dnl1960 at>
Subject: What time is it?
To: "Barry Kerch" <celtdrum at>


Your response is much appreciated.
Brad is a man of his word, and I greatly respect that attribute in a person. Integrity is hard to find these days.
I try to say what I mean and do what I say. As you can tell, at times I tend to be a little bit out there..

To try and put some perspective on my email to you in normal words will require that I give you a little bit of the history that lead me to my creations.
After fifteen years with the same woman and helping to raise her five kids, April 1st 2003 was my first day alone.

The emotional distress was a tremendous shock to my system.
A break down could be a good word to describe my state of being. I was working in the computer industry building Internet routing domains.
The previous past few years were picture perfect.
We had two homes, took a trip every year, and people would cal us the perfect couple.
My world was shattered that day when she left with my best friend from high school.

He is a trust fund kid, and soon after she left she quit her job and proclaimed to her kids that she has retired.
The kids were in shock. On my birthday May 16th 2003, all the kids came over and told me that they were taking me out to get me drunk..
Before we left for Buckhead, my step daughter Star walked up beside me.
She leaned her arm against my arm and I said, "What?" She looked up at me and said, "You have always been that way grand pa..
" My emotional world flipped around from the negative of the past to a positive that gave me a sense of light at the end of the tunnel.

We had a great time that night.
Soon after came fathers day 2003, I decided to try and give my father another chance at being a father,
so I went over to his house to share my good news.
My dad had left my life when I was eleven and I had never really had a close relationship with him.
To my surprise he was very accepting of my news regarding Star's baby.
My father said that he wanted to show me something. That we would need to take a ride to downtown Atlanta.

We drove down to Oakland cemetery. He started to tell me about my great great great grand father.
We pulled up to the plot where the Lynch family rests, and I saw ten and fifteen foot grave markers towering to the sky.
My father said that this is where your great great great grand father James rests.
I stood in shock as I read the date that he was buried. My birthday May 16th in 1899.

My father began to tell me that when Sherman came to burn Atlanta,
that the four Lynch brothers did not evacuate the city as ordered.
That they stood up against the Union army and put out the fires that were set to their homes.
That Patrick Lynch was instrumental in bringing the Catholic church to Atlanta,
and that he helped father O'Riley negotiate the salvation of several churches in Atlanta mainly the Immaculate Conception.

Suddenly I was linked to a history that never could I have imagined to be true.
When we returned to my father's home, his wife began to tell me about their trip to Ireland to do some family tree research.
She said that half of the family went to South America and half came to North America.
She said that from the southern branch that we are related to Ernesto Che Guevara. The man that helped Castro over through Cuba...

Over the next few weeks, I melted into history books at the Atlanta History Center.
Reading about the history of my family. Finding out that they lived a Gone With the Wind type story,
but in the city limits of Atlanta not out on some plantation. My family lived through hell. Giving me strength.
For if I think my problems are bad, I just imagine what they went through and my problems are not diddly squat....

I was using music as my refuge, I would listen to lyrics and engross myself in the vibe as an escape to my day to day...
From April 1st to early July, my life had flip flopped up and down then round and round. In the middle of this moment,
enter Shinedown's Leave a Whisper. The lyrics moved me tremendously especially Burning Bright.
Fly from the inside was getting the air time in Atlanta. There are some many great tunes on that album..
When I heard that Shinedown was going to be at a 99X free concert at Stone Mountain, I told my friend Deron Fish that we just gotta be there.

I think it was July 25 2003. A day that is one that I will never forget. The afternoon was hot and humid.
The crowd was alive. After fifteen years of mister corporate straight, I saw a few people huffing a joint.
I asked if I could take a hit. I got two, just minutes before Shinedown took the stage.
You opened with Fly from the inside, and that is just what I was doing. I would try and stay center stage in the sweet spot if I could. Letting the music steer me.

As the crowd filtered out between bands, I filtered in till just before 3 Doors Down I reached center stage pressing up against the rail.
My emotional state over the past few months weighed heavy on my mind.
I let the vibrations of the music move my body as I listened to the message of the songs.
Telling my self to shed the bias of the past. Shed the bias of the past. Over and over. Time after time.
Asking myself what is the purpose of my life. Brad Arnold took the stage.

I had only heard the pocket full of kryptonite song, so I had no idea who they really were.
I came to see Shinedown that day.... As I listened to him, he began to tear into my soul.
This man was expressing what my heart has been going through..
Having shed the bias of the past, the lyrics of Brad's opened me up like a can of sardines..
He was getting all that smelly stuff out of me that I was not willing to look at.
He spoke of the trials and tribulations of love.

At that moment, I had an epiphany. I knew that I was to write. To tell the story of my family that history has all but forgotten.
Never before have I had a sense of duty like the one that Brad instilled in me at that concert.
That night, I started to document my experience. Tell the best I could the events that lead me to my new found commitment.
I slipped into the moment with no easy way out. Destiny came calling through the lyrics of Bard Arnold.

Moving on my step daughter's birthday rolled around Aug 27th 2003, and Mars was the closest that it has been in 60,000 years.
So I started to keep a journal of the unique events that were happening in my life.
The story about the Lynch brothers and their civil war efforts took a turn when I met a 100 percent Cherokee Indian named Church in early September 2003.

Then it happened. September 16th 2003. I had a flash back to a car wreck that I had in 77.
On June 19th 1977, I was involved in a serious car wreck. Fractured my skull and nearly torn my nose from my face.
That Sunday at 12:10 am, I crossed over. I had a death experience. Not a near death, but I had a full blown death experience.
Doctors asked me what books that I have read on out of body experiences. I told them, that if what I am telling you is in books......
BLeave them.....

So on that September 16th 2003, in a moment my life took at turn.
My writing became so fluid, I could type lyrics as fast as I heard them on the radio.
I had looked at the memory of my car wreck in the reverse. From that I now could only see a message that took me 26 years to hear.
Faced with the question, if it took me 26 years for me to hear it, how can I passably be able to relate it to others? I kept writing..

Then on that same night, abstract photograph started to spill out of my soul. Laying on the floor,
I began to roll side to side targeting my camera on a blue rope light and a light bright, I was in my mind painting music.
For months, I created images, over 9,000 with no two being the same.

Using the same technique that I developed to paint music, I started taking images of other objects. Like the Paris Neon Balloon in Las Vegas.

I was fascinated with the images that I was creating. I continued to write my story about my family in the civil war.
I kept making more and more abstracts. Consumed with the elation I would get from the surprise of seeing just what would turn out.
I had finally found something in my life that seemed random. Unlike the rigid programming of computers that my world was before I stumbled into the abstract photography.

Then one night in a dream, I saw the Paris Neon Balloon image reflected.. I woke up and went to my computer.
At that moment, I created a rorschach type reflection.

I saw a heart. Deron Fish saw a naked woman anatomically correct.
Bart DeSandre of the Immaculate Conception saw the Crucifixion of Christ. Wow. This was getting deep.
Stoned out of my mind. I started to create a collage of images that I call Montaj. This is my first montaj. Jesus gave his love to save this world...
As you can tell, I was freaked out at this point. Images and color, telling a story that would take me a book to explain.

That peace was created in March of 2004. Since then I have created two terabytes of other Montaj peaces.
All because I stood at one of your concerts and had a moment. From that moment, I have been trying to define time.
Why me? Because the message that was given to me in my death experience. I may be the only person alive that can touch death,
and that gives me a great perspective on things.

My writings are obscure. Mostly because I have few people that actually respond to me.
I bet most people have no idea what I and trying to convey. From that day in July 2003 at the Shinedown concert,
I have come full circle. I use Socrates, Newton, and Einstein to describe a moment. Graphically illustrated in what I call the KnoWell symbol.

I have sent the KnoWell to an astrophysicist, Mike Disney, and explained to him that if my equation is correct,
then the big bang never happened. Mike responded pretty deep stuff will take him a while to think about.
So I have actually expressed an alternate theory to the existence of the universe. I expect no one to understand me in my life time.
It took me 26 years to hear the message meant for me. I just hope that others, like you,
that have similar happenings in their lives are hearing the message that is meant for them,
and that somehow we all come together is a mass awakening so that love and over takes hate.

On April 8th 2005, the world laid Pope John Paul II to rest. On that day,
I stood in Saint Philip Cathedral in Atlanta and asked god for a sign. Using the same technique that I use when paining music,
I created the image at the below link.

To me it is a pure miracle. I tied sunlight in a knot. If you know the doubting Thomas story from the bible.
Thomas did not BLeave that Christ had risen until he could put his finger in the nail hole.
Notice that the image that I created has the circle in the middle, then off to the side is a christian fish symbol in red, white, and blue.
As if the christian BLeaf was being inserted in the central hole.

Consider meeting me face to face. My email may leave you more confused than before.

I am sure that god is working in my life to help me deliver a message of peace through love.
I hope that others will see my efforts and will stand beside me telling their story of faith,
and that one day we stand with many people is a mass awakening where we open the door for Christ to live again through us.
Putting an end to the hate that drives this world into oblivion.

Before I can be someone, I must learn to be no one. On 2007.7.7, Las Vegas day,
I plan to be at the Parasol Down Bar in the Wynn Casino at 8:30 pm. I BLeave that magic is going to happen on that day.
The door is open. Now if I just can find the strength to walk through.

Please pardon the above mini book. People ask me what time it is and I tell them how to make a watch.
Even though I may never see Brad and Terika again, the moment that we shared
at the Wynn casino on 2005.10.17 will be one that I hope to never forget.
When I returned to Atlanta just after meeting them, I came across the Bolivian diary of Che Guevara.

When I looked to see what Che wrote on my birthday of May 16th, there was a self portrait of Che on the opposite page.
Looks like he is my cousin.

I hope that Star's babies, Emily and Christain, get to play with Shinedown's little ones.
For it is their generation that I have created my art work for. I would love to sit down with you guys someday.
You could ask me whatever you like. I have a date with destiny, and I hope that we can all be there together...
Please do tell Brad and Terika that I said hello. Terika kind of freaked me out when we met.
She said that she thought that she knew me. I am an open book. Nothing to hide... People can read me..

Best wishes,

Barry Kerch <celtdrum at> wrote:

Hey David,
I am actually in possession of the pictures you gave to Brad.
I love them but must admit I am a bit lost on what you are trying to accomplish.
I find it strange that 7's are appearing in your world as they have been a lot in mine as well.
Could you please break it down into normal language? I am not sure where you are coming from.
Barry Shinedown.

On Mar 16, 2007, at 5:30 AM, David Lynch wrote:

Below is an email from Brad regarding some artwork that I gave him in Las Vegas on 2005.10.17..
One of the peaces was of a reflection of a photograph that I took of the Paris Neon balloon.
I showed it to you guys at the Masquerade.

I am the guy that gave the band a funky collage.

You guys were kind enough to sign a peace for me, and I gave another Montaj that I created from your signatures to Lzzy Hale at the Roxy in 2006.

What brings me to you, is that the impossible has happened..
Words fail me as I try to explain how the random image that I reflected matches to the planetary positions.

The above link is seven days of planetary positions. Matching up to a series of eclipses that are heading our way.

This is truly N Sane, for trying to explain it is all but impossible.
If I would not have seen a image of the comet McNaught passing Mercury, I would have never noticed the alignments.

On 2007.7.7, Las Vegas day, 7.7.7,
I will be at the Parasol down bar at the Wynn casino standing ready to challenge James Randi for his one million dollars.
I invite Shinedown, and 3 Doors Down to come join me as I will give my explanation to my discovery.

I am going to prove Newton's third law incorrect, thus earning me the JREF one million dollars.
Randi at first accepted my challenge, then he called me a child.
I told him to put his money where his mouth is and stand toe to toe with me and try and debunk my equation.

I tried to send an email to Brad, but it bounced.... Please forward this email to him. The link below is named in Terika's honor, it is an image of Venus...

Best wishes to you and yours. Hope to hear from you, or see you at the Parasol down bar on Las Vegas Day 7.7.7
I invited David Lynch the director, but I have not heard back from him.

Most people do not respond to me, I have gotten used to it..


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Subject: Re: Le Reve
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Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005 22:08:29 +0000 GMT

Hey David. Thanx for the pictures! Those are amazing! I'm sure we'll see ya soon.
I'll pass those along to the other bands. I'm sitting here waiting on a flight that's delayed. Have a great one!

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To:Brad Arnold
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Pleasure meeting you and your wife last night at the
Wynn. One thing that I am sure of is that the dream
Please, lets do keep in touch. One day I would love to
sit back down with you guys for another chat.
I still cannot place meeting your wife, but she does
feel like family. You too.
My plane awaits.

Best wishes,